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1. a purified mixture of solid hydrocarbons from petroleum, used for embedding histological specimens and as a stiffening agent in pharmaceutical preparations.
2. alkane.
liquid paraffin see mineral oil.
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1. One of the methane series of acyclic hydrocarbons.
2. Synonym(s): hard paraffin
[L. parum, little, + affinis, neighboring, akin, so called because of its slight tendency to chemical reaction]
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Any of a number of saturated aliphatic (straight-chain) hydrocarbons of the methane series (methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane, septane, octane, nonane, decane, etc.), in which the carbons are joined to other carbons by single bonds.
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hard par·af·fin

(hahrd pară-fin)
Purified mixture of solid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum.
Synonym(s): paraffin (2) .
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The rheological measurement confirmed the no significant solid-liquid phase separation of UPE and LDPE in paraffin oil between 130 and 170[degrees]C.
Two 2.5 cm diameter filter papers were placed on opposite sides of the dish, and 20 [micro]L of odorant at 1 [micro]g/[micro]L was added to one filter paper, and the same amount of paraffin oil was added to the other as a control.
In this study, edible paraffin oil was used as a carrier to make nanoparticle suspensions which had no effects on the cell viability either in RT (Figure 5E) or in the magnetic field (Figure 5F).
The shelf life study reveal that the survibility of Trichoderma viride & Bacillus megaterium in alginate formulation with 1.2 x [10.sup.5] and 7.2 x [10.sup.6] Cfu/ml comparing with paraffin oil which was better than other formulation with 1 x [10.sup.4] and 0.6 x [10.sup.5] Cfu/ml followed by storage at 4[degrees]C with EFB with 1.8 x [10.sup.4] and 2.0 x [10.sup.4] Cfu/ml at 210th day for Trichoderma and Bacillus respectively(Table 1&.2).
zeylanicum was diluted from the concentration of 10% to 0.03% (10%, 5%, 2.5%, 1.25%, 0.62, 0.31%, 0.16%, 0.010% 0.06%, 0.03%) in paraffin oil and 2.5 ml of each solution were added to Petri dishes.
of glycerol, ethanol (methylated spirits), olive oil or paraffin oil. After central electrodes were inserted each bottle was sealed with epoxy resin.
Tests carried out by scientists have found them to contain things like coffee, paraffin oil and even animal waste.'
A glassblower will have to make it, and you will have to obtain a small quantity of paraffin oil from a pharmacy.
Paraffin oil without any additives was used as lubricant (boundary lubricated conditions).
We inherited much of his equipment: a wooden Thornton Pickard half-plate field camera with double book form dark slides and rapid rectilinear lenses (anastigmat had not yet been introduced) and a half plate enlarger lit by a paraffin oil lamp.
Starved animals injected with paraffin oil produced as many vitellogenic eggs as the starved controls, indicating that the paraffin oil used as a carrier for the JHM did not inhibit vitellogenesis.
* High-pressure gas saturated paraffin oil deposition testing rig