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1. a purified mixture of solid hydrocarbons from petroleum, used for embedding histological specimens and as a stiffening agent in pharmaceutical preparations.
2. alkane.
liquid paraffin see mineral oil.


1. One of the methane series of acyclic hydrocarbons.
2. Synonym(s): hard paraffin
[L. parum, little, + affinis, neighboring, akin, so called because of its slight tendency to chemical reaction]


/par·af·fin/ (par´ah-fin)
1. a purified hydrocarbon wax used for embedding histological specimens and as a stiffening agent in pharmaceutical preparations.
2. alkane.

liquid paraffin  mineral oil.


Etymology: L, parum, little + affinis, related
any of a group of hydrocarbons or hydrocarbon mixtures of the paraffin series as indicated by the formula, CnH(2n+2). Examples include methane gas, kerosene, and paraffin wax. Also called alkane.


Any of a number of saturated aliphatic (straight-chain) hydrocarbons of the methane series (methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane, septane, octane, nonane, decane, etc.), in which the carbons are joined to other carbons by single bonds.

hard par·af·fin

(hahrd pară-fin)
Purified mixture of solid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum.
Synonym(s): paraffin (2) .


1. a purified hydrocarbon wax used for embedding histological specimens.
2. a saturated hydrocarbon used as a fuel oil. Poisoning causes gastroenteritis and aspiration pneumonia, the latter being secondary to vomiting. Called also alkane, kerosene, lamp oil. See also oil.
3. petrolatum.

paraffin embedding technique
the most commonly used technique for the preparation of slides of tissue for light microscopic examination.
liquid paraffin
liquid petrolatum. See mineral oil.
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Major players in global paraffin wax market are investing in expansion of production capacity, merger and acquisition with focus on increasing market penetration.
If a well's flowrate is high enough, the continuing thermal mass of the oil entering the wellbore can keep the paraffin in solution, so that the buildup on the wellbore is kept to a minimum.
Although the majority of paraffin ingestions do not result in poisoning, [8] the primary clinical concern is the risk of aspiration leading to a sterile chemical inflammatory pneumonitis.
The combination of chemical and isotopic fingerprinting provides a powerful forensic tool which can be used by Member States to trace the sources of paraffin in the marine environment
Commercial paraffin waxes are less expensive and have a thermal storage density of 120KJ/Kg to 210KJ/Kg.
The PB described in this study is a liquid oligomer (or multimer), and is similar to paraffin oil in that it is nonvolatile, nontoxic, and nonflammable.
The company's ParaFlow paraffin control products, which it said are available for the first time on a large scale to oilfield service companies, are designed to increase flow assurance of crude oil production and reduce downtime due to wax deposition.
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A MERSEYSIDE man died after an overturned paraffin heater sparked a caravan blaze.