The tissues alongside the vagina.
[para- + G. kolpos, vagina]
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They are pubocervical fascia, rectovaginal fascia, Waldeyer fascia, rectosacral fascia, mesorectum, paracolpium, pubourethral ligament, cardinal ligament, uterosacral ligament, and umbilical ligament.
Intraoperatively, multiple myomas were found within the uterine corpus and cervix, and the tumor extended to the parametrium and paracolpium. Detachment of the tumor from the left ureter and vaginal wall was very difficult.
One case was a retroperitoneal pelvic schwannoma located in the right paracolpium, [10] and another was a schwannoma present at the L5 vertebral body and causing pelvic pain.
The upper third of the vagina (level I) is suspended from the pelvic walls by vertical fibers of the paracolpium, which is a continuation of the cardinal ligament.
The clamp should now include the superior portion of the cardinal ligament with the uterine vessels and paracolpium immediately above the lateral vaginal fornix.
A pelvic retroperitoneal schwannoma arising in the right paracolpium. Gynecol Oncol 1996;60:480-3
An incision is made around the cervix, the paracolpium is divided, and the blood supply is divided, creating a bloodless organ, he said.