paracentral scotoma

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par·a·cen·tral sco·to·ma

a scotoma adjacent to the fixation point.
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Reading speed and saccadic eye movements with an artificial paracentral scotoma [abstract].
A complication of laser treatment is a paracentral scotoma.
A paracentral scotoma adjacent to, bnt not involving, fixation is typical of early glaucoma.
11) showed in their study that more than half of the patients developed paracentral scotomas after ILM peeling.
Although missing an object may indicate larger central or paracentral scotomas, an object that appears distorted may indicate macular edema or some perceptual distortions in or around a scotoma that may be due to perceptual "filling in" (Wittich, Overbury, Kapusta, Watanabe, & Faubert, 2006).
Early glaucomatous field defects most often take the form of localised relative paracentral scotomas.
This can include unilateral optic nerve lesions, paracentral scotomas, congruous and incongruous homonymous hemianopias and quadrantanopias, as well as altitudinal defects.