par level

par lev·el

(PAR) (pahr lev'ĕl)
The minimum quantity of an item stocked, which will be automatically reordered, should the level fall below a preset level.
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HAMID HUSSAIN QURESHI: Well, my views on progress of food sector in Pakistan are good but not at par level as observed in developed countries and done in international food business arena.
The hospital's 1-day par level (minimum in-stock quantity) was adequate for 117 patient-courses of 100 mg/5 mL, 361 patient-courses of 200 mg/5 mL, and 2,990 of 250 mg.
Through the RTLS PAR-level asset management software, our distribution department can see a color-coded count of all IV pumps in every unit, indicating whether each unit is below its PAR level, at a critical low, or critical high--which allows overstocked IV pumps to be distributed elsewhere.
Riley has been a participant of The First Tee of the Triangle since 2008 and continues to give back by serving as a volunteer junior coach at the chapter's North Ridge program location for both the PLAYer and Par level classes.
Text books must be based on new curriculum that can enhance the capability of students which can empower the children with new and informative knowledge, he also emphasized on Teachers training which must be done on monthly basis that can support the teachers skills and their knowledge, he stressed upon the examination structure because examination standards are below par level, he concluded in the end that Media should play a role with the collaboration of NGO's so that such integration would help us to achieve the goals on education.
In addition to direct mail offers, the researchers look at par level changes between the trips to isolate the change in trip volume that is due to the direct mail offer.
0 include: point-and-click functionality; the ability to route purchase requisitions for approval via e-mail or personal digital assistant (PDA); enhanced browser capabilities; and multiple par level functionality that enables the property to establish inventory levels based on seasons, days of the week or special events.
Instead of getting their heads down, many can't get past the salary issue and work at below par level with a chip on their shoulders until they get fired after six to 12 months.
Kids try to learn golf skills first at the par level, then at the birdie level.
Kids in The First Tee program try to learn golf skills first at the par level, then at the birdie level.
Company's material handling carts can be used for a variety of applications: as utility carts, general supply carts, par level, or exchange carts.
Also, both pilot approaches changed the supply method from an exchange system (each day a newly stocked cart would replace the existing cart) to a par level system (needed supplies were added to the cart as needed).