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A small skin elevation that evolves into a blister.
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Patients may experience sudden-onset, pruritic, sometimes painful papules and papulovesicles or cheilitis within 30 minutes to several hours of exposure to UV light in areas normally covered in the winter months.
Gianotti-Crosti-like eruptions with papulovesicles on only the cheeks, arms, and legs were seen in 36% of patients.
The lesions were nonconfluent keratotic papules and papulovesicles measuring 3-4 mm in diameter (see Figure 3).
The lesions are papulovesicles appearing over an erythematous surface similar to inflammatory metastatic carcinoma.
Physical examination typically shows discrete, monomorphous, flesh-colored or erythematous flat-topped papulovesicles distributed symmetrically on the cheeks and on the extensor surfaces of the extremities and the buttocks.
Dermatitis herpetiformis, the skin manifestation of celiac disease, is characterized by intensely pruritic papulovesicles and excoriations on the elbows, knees, buttocks and scalp.