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a small circumscribed, superficial, solid elevation of the skin with a diameter less than 1 cm (0.5 cm according to some authorities). (See plate in Dermatology Atlas.) See also plaque.
piezogenic p's transitory, noninflammatory, soft, sometimes painful, large papules appearing above the heel on the side of one or both feet, elicited by weight bearing associated with prolonged standing or running. They disappear when the pressure is removed.
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A circumscribed, solid elevation up to 1 cm in diameter on the skin. A papule may be pedunculated, sessile, or filiform.
[L. papula, pimple]
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(păp′yo͞ol) also


n. pl. pap·ules also pap·ulae (-yə-lē′)
A small, solid, usually inflammatory elevation of the skin that does not contain pus.

pap′u·lar (-yə-lər) adj.
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A small, circumscribed, solid elevation on the skin.
[L. papula, pimple]
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(pap'ul) [L. papula, pimple]
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A small bump or pimple, typically larger than a grain of salt but smaller than a peppercorn, that rises above the surface of the neighboring skin. Papules may appear in numerous skin diseases, including prickly heat, psoriasis, xanthomatosis, eczema, and skin cancers. Their color may range from pale, to yellow, red, brown, or black. See: illustrationpapular (u-lar), adjective

dry papule


moist papule

Condyloma latum.

pearly penile papule

An asymptomatic white papule with a pink, white, or pearly surface on the dorsum of the penis of blacks and uncircumcised men. No treatment is indicated, just reassurance.

piezogenic pedal papule

A soft, painful, skin-colored papule present on the non–weight-bearing portion of the heel. It disappears when weight is taken off the foot and heel. This papule is caused by herniation of fat through connective tissue defects.

split papules

Fissures at the corners of the mouth; seen in some cases of secondary syphilis.
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Any small, well-defined, solid skin elevation. Papules are usually less than 1 cm in diameter and may be smooth or warty. From the Latin papula, a pimple.
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A small hard elevation of the skin.
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A circumscribed, solid elevation on the skin; may be pedunculated, sessile, or filiform.
[L. papula, pimple]
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When multiple leiomyomas exist, they typically consist of red-brown grouped papules, commonly located on the trunk or the extremities.4 The hallmark clinical symptom of cutaneous leiomyomas is pain, reported in approximately 90% of patients.
[7][1][11][15][5][19] The features described by Hoffman and Zurhelle such as multiple soft skin coloured, cerebriform papules and nodules coalesce into plaques were seen in our case.
The condition may sound relatively benign in dogs, but papules can develop into painful lesions, hair loss or worse--a life-threatening staphylococcus infection.
A 34-years-old woman consulted her gynecologist because she observed the appearance of numerous yellow-white asymptomatic papules on the vulva.
He had a cat scratch 9 days before; the skin papule appeared 1 day before he sought treatment.
On day 6, the papules had increased in number and size, and the patient was hospitalized.
There are small nodules with the same dimension of the papules. The sizes we appreciate clinically do not always correspond to the underlying different histological patterns that differentiate between papule and nodule.
It usually appears as a solitary reddish-brown papule, but cases of multiple lesions have been observed.
* Keratoacanthoma begins as a firm, roundish, skin-colored or reddish papule that rapidly progresses to a dome-shaped nodule, with a smooth, shiny surface and a central crateriform ulceration or keratin plug.
Over the next 2 days, thigh tenderness and a papule developed at the site of the original discomfort.
Trichoepithelioma is a benign neoplasm derived from follicular germ cells that presents as a skin-colored papule on the midface, especially the nose.