papoose board

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A restraint device designed to immobilize a child, up to age 12, during dental work, venipuncture, and other medical procedures for which the papoosee is expected to flail, buck, or prove uncooperative, or when complete sedation is not possible. It is more effective than multiple aides holding the person down, and used on young immature children and/or special needs patients

papoose board (papoos´),

n a board used to stabilize the position of a pediatric patient, or a patient with limited psychomotor control. It comes in various sizes and has soft flaps that surround and hold the patient.
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Papoose board.
Papovaviridae a major deoxyribonucleic acid virus to which the papillomavirus and polyomavirus belong. Viruses in this family have a double-stranded, supercoiled, circular molecular structure with icosahedral symmetry.
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Joey would have to be held down or strapped to a papoose board and might suffer lasting psychological damage.
The Papoose Board prevents injury and enables the dentist to safely provide the necessary treatment.
CHDC also continues to utilize 41 different forms of mechanical restraints on both children and adults, including straitjackets, restraint chairs and papoose boards - practices that have been largely barred from other facilities for years.