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Relating to a papilloma.


Relating to a papilloma.


(pap-i-lo'ma) ('mat-a) plural.papillomaspapillomata [ papilla + -oma]
1. A benign epithelial tumor.
2. An epithelial tumor of skin or mucous membrane consisting of hypertrophied papillae covered by a layer of epithelium. Included in this group are warts, condylomas, and polyps. papillomatous ('mat-us), adjective See: acanthoma; papillomavirus

papilloma durum

A hardened papilloma, e.g., a wart or corn.

fibroepithelial papilloma

A skin tag containing fibrous tissue.

hard papilloma

A papilloma that develops from squamous epithelium.

Hopmann papilloma

See: Hopmann, Carl Melchior

intracystic papilloma

A papilloma within a cystic adenoma.

intraductal papilloma

A papilloma in the milk ducts of the breast, composed of fibrous tissue and blood vessels. It is the most common cause of spontaneous nipple discharge. Breast biopsies, ductograms, or examination of the discharge for malignant cells are used to evaluate the lesion. Surgery is the preferred treatment.

papilloma molle


soft papilloma

A papilloma formed from columnar epithelium; applies to any small, soft growth.

villous papilloma

A papilloma with long, thin excrescences, present in the urinary bladder, breast, intestinal tract, or choroid plexus of the cerebral ventricles.


Of the character of, or pertaining to, a PAPILLOMA.
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The clinical and pathologic aspects of papillomatous disease of the breast: a follow-up study of 97 patients treated by local excision.
Flexible endoscopy in the office had detected a large papillomatous mass in the left larynx.
At this point, a small amount of papillomatous tissue was observed in the distal opening of the endotracheal tube; it had been inserted at the beginning of the operation, possibly when the patient was intubated.
If tube obstruction by papillomatous tissue is suspected, the tube should be removed and intraoperative bronchoscopy should be performed.
Histopathologic study identified a papillomatous hyperplasia of the hyperkeratotic surface epithelium and a large number of underlying mature sebaceous glands, keratin-filled infundibula, small hair structures, and deep apocrine glands (figure 3).
Histologically, first-stage sebaceous nevi are characterized by papillomatous epidermal hyperplasia, hypergranulosis, hyperkeratosis, and increased numbers of prickle cells.
Case 2 was clinically thought to be possibly melanoma because much of the surface papillomatous growth had eroded, and it is likely that the ulcerated and dark appearance gave a false clinical impression of melanoma.
Papillomatous lesions associated with herpesvirus infections in psittacine birds cannot correctly be called papillomas.
These findings are in contrast with the typical characteristics of schneiderian papillomas in the sinonasal tract, which tend to be friable and papillomatous and bleed easily when touched.
We treated a 47-year-old man who had fibrotic lesions on the left vocal fold and an extensive amount of papillomatous lesions on the mucosa of the lips, tongue, and pharyngeal wall and on the skin of the axillae and buttocks.
In addition, there were papillomatous lesions with pigmentation on the axillae (figure 2) and buttocks.
Histologically, the squamous papilloma forms a localized papillomatous keratosis on a fibroepithelial stroma.