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(pa-pil'a) (pa-pil'e?, i?) plural.papillae [L. papilla, nipple, teat]
A small nipple-like protuberance or elevation.

Bergmeister's papilla

See: Bergmeister's papilla

circumvallate papilla

Any of the large papillae near the base on the dorsal aspect of the tongue, arranged in a V-shape. The taste buds are located in the epithelium of the trench surrounding the papilla. Synonym: vallate papilla

clavate papilla

Fungiform papilla.

conical papilla

1. Any of the papillae on the dorsum of the tongue.
2. Any of the papillae in the ridgelike projections of the dermis.
Synonym: papilla of corium

papilla of corium

Conical papilla (2).

dental papilla

A mass of connective tissue that becomes enclosed by the developing enamel organ. It gives rise to dentin and dental pulp.

dermal papilla

Any of the small elevations of the corium that indent the inner surface of the epidermis.

duodenal papilla

Papilla of Vater.

filiform papilla

Any of the very slender papillae at the tip of the tongue.

foliate papilla

Any of the folds in the sides of the tongue. They are rudimentary papillae.

fungiform papilla

Any of the broad flat papillae resembling a mushroom, chiefly found on the dorsal central area of the tongue.
Synonym: clavate papilla

gingival papilla

The gingivae that fill the spaces between adjacent teeth. They are rudimentary papillae.

gustatory papilla

Taste papilla of tongue; one of those possessing a taste bud. Synonym: taste papilla

papilla of hair

A conical process of the corium that projects into the undersurface of a hair bulb. It contains capillaries that nourish the hair root.
Synonym: papilla pili

incisive papilla

A small bump in the mucosa above and just forward of the incisive foramen at the very front of the hard palate. The papilla is used as an injection site when anesthetizing the nasopalatine nerve. Synonym: palatine papilla

interdental papilla

The triangular part of the gingivae that fills the area between adjacent teeth. The papilla includes free gingiva and attached gingiva and projections seen from the lingual, buccal, or labial sides of the tooth. Synonym: interproximal papilla

interproximal papilla

Interdental papilla.

lacrimal papilla

An elevation in the medial edge of each eyelid, in the center of which is the opening of the lacrimal duct.

lenticular papilla

A small rounded elevation underlying lymphatic nodules in the mucosa of the root of the tongue.

lingual papilla

Any of the papillae covering the anterior two thirds of the tongue. These include circumvallate, filiform, fungiform, and conical papillae.

papilla mammae

The nipple of the mammary gland.

optic papilla

Blind spot (1).

palatine papilla

Incisive papilla.

parotid papilla

The projections around the opening of the parotid duct into the oral cavity.

papilla pili

Papilla of hair.

renal papilla

The apex of a renal pyramid in the kidney, enclosed by a calyx of the renal pelvis.

tactile papilla

A dermal papilla that contains a sensory receptor for touch.

taste papilla

Gustatory papilla.

urethral papilla

The small projection in the vestibule of the female perineum at the entrance of the urethra.

vallate papilla

Circumvallate papilla.

papilla of Vater

See: Vater, Abraham
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"Lots of animals have papillae, but they can't extend and retract them instantaneously as octopus and cuttlefish do," says Hanlon, who is the leading expert on cephalopod dynamic camouflage.