incisive papilla

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 [pah-pil´ah] (L.)
a small, nipple-shaped projection or elevation. adj., adj pap´illary.
circumvallate papilla
2. one of the papillae in the area next to a vallate papilla.
conical papilla one of the sparsely scattered elevations on the tongue, often considered to be modified filiform papillae.
papillae of corium conical extensions of the fibers, capillary blood vessels, and sometimes nerves of the corium into corresponding spaces among downward- or inward-projecting rete ridges on the undersurface of the epidermis.
dental papilla (dentinal papilla) the small mass of condensed mesenchyme capped by each of the enamel organs.
duodenal papilla either of the small elevations (major and minor) on the mucosa of the duodenum, the major at the entrance of the conjoined pancreatic and common bile ducts, the minor at the entrance of the accessory pancreatic duct.
filiform papilla one of the threadlike elevations covering most of the tongue surface.
foliate papilla one of the parallel mucosal folds on the tongue margin at the junction of its body and root.
fungiform papilla one of the knoblike projections of the tongue scattered among the filiform papillae.
gingival papilla the triangular pad of the gingiva filling the space between the proximal surfaces of two adjacent teeth.
hair papilla the fibrovascular mesodermal papilla enclosed within the hair bulb.
incisive papilla an elevation at the anterior end of the raphe of the palate.
lacrimal papilla an elevation on the margin of either eyelid, near the medial angle of the eye.
lingual papillae elevations on the surface of the tongue, containing the taste buds; the conical, filiform, foliate, fungiform, and vallate papillae.
mammary papilla nipple (def. 1).
optic papilla optic disk.
palatine papilla incisive papilla.
papilla pi´li hair papilla.
renal papilla the blunted apex of a renal pyramid.
tactile papilla tactile corpuscle.
urethral papilla a slight elevation in the vestibule of the vagina at the external orifice of the urethra.
vallate papilla one of the 8 to 12 large papillae arranged in a V near the base of the tongue.
papilla of Vater (Vater's papilla) major duodenal papilla.
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in·ci·sive pa·pil·la

a slight elevation of the mucosa at the anterior end of the raphe of the palate.
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in·ci·sive pa·pil·la

(in-sī'siv pă-pil'ă) [TA]
A slight elevation of the mucosa at the anterior extremity of the raphe of the palate; lying directly anterior to the underlying incisive fossa.
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in·ci·sive pa·pil·la

(in-sī'siv pă-pil'ă) [TA]
Slight elevation of mucosa at anterior end of raphe of palate.
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Dos casos que apresentaram alteracao, antes da cirurgia, o escore maximo obtido foi 2 (labio, papila e mento) e apos a cirurgia foi 5 (papilla incisiva e mento).
Plicae palatinae transversae and papilla incisiva in man.
Accidentalmente, y antes de la remision a otro especialista, los sintomas desaparecen despues del alivio mecanico en la zona anterior de la protesis, que comprimia e irritaba la papilla incisiva. La paciente ha estado bajo controles periodicos durante 5 anos y medio, sin recurrencia de los sintomas.