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For paper white narcissus, let the bulbs dry out from the time the leaves die back in spring through early fall, then start watering and feeding.
If you don't want to wait until spring to enjoy your flowering plants, consider planting bulbs that promise earlier blooms, such as paper whites.
She explained Paper White bulbs are often "forced" for use indoors, which means they are stored at very cold temperatures so that when they are planted indoors the warmth tricks the bulbs into thinking spring has arrived early.
Paper white narcissus basket: Plant bulbs several inches apart, so there's room to plant chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) in between.
n Paper White, with up to six dainty, scented blooms on each 35cm (14in) stem, can be in flower by November if potted in early September.
Delivery of 36 060 000 sheets of copy paper white din a4 and 52 500 sheets of copy paper white din a3 to participating judicial authorities of the free state of saxony.
Tenders are invited for Paper White Fine Ammunition
Dad provides paper white narcissus bulbs (the least likely to rot) and small gravel from the nursery; the children pick out 16-ounce plastic cups decorated for the holidays.