orbital plate of ethmoid bone

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or·bi·tal plate of eth·moid bone

a thin plate of ethmoid bone forming part of the medial wall of the orbit and the lateral wall for the ethmoidal labyrinth.
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The positive thing about many of these projects is that they use everyday items which are easy to source, such as paper plates and white handkerchiefs.
That means that even though an approach loaded into your latest-system G1000 had all the critical courses, frequencies, altitudes and notes, it's still not good enough to be a substitute for the paper plate.
ruler * 1 manila folder * scissors * 3 C-cell batteries * tape * 3 paper plates * worksheet with windmill design* * 3 thumbtacks * 3 erasers * hair dryer * textbook * Teachers: For worksheet, see page TE 6.
He then propped up two paper plates and squirted the two different ketchups at the top of each.
I stopped worrying that older students wouldn't be all that impressed with a demonstration of the endless possibilities for fun in a paper plate, when a pink-haired Grade 5 girl sighed, "That's way cool."
The trash stations are manned, making sure you recycle everything from your food-smeared paper plate to soy sauce-soaked chopsticks.
To avoid cross-contact with allergen-containing foods, you may wish to use disposable knives and other cooking implements, prepare food such as sandwiches on a paper plate, or line a section of the counter with paper that can be discarded after preparing foods to which the camper is allergic.
WHAT YOU NEED 1 cup water * 2 cups sugar (plus a little extra) * food coloring * candy flavoring (we like cinnamon, lemon or peppermint) * a tall, clean, glass jar (such as a mayonnaise jar) * clean cotton string * scissors * pencil * paper clip * paper plate
* Museum exhibit showcases the art of the paper plate
Others fancy a hamburger served roughshod a paper plate. Regardless of why they come, they keep coming--in droves--to the "little bar that could" at Third Avenue and 55th Street.
Draw a design onto the paper plate with your pencil - this planning will help you map out your ideas.