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n Latin name:
Viola tricolor; part used: flowers; uses: whooping cough, inflammation, upper respiratory disorders, laxative, seborrheic skin conditions, acne, cradle cap; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, salicylate sensitivity. Also called
field pansy, heartsease, Johnny jump-up, jupiter flower, ladies' delight, or
wild pansy.
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Maryene Alden, a retired kindergarten teacher from Eugene, has had doll Pansy Pearl by her side for 83 of her 88 years.
The pansy is the perfect choice for gardeners wishing to bring some color into the landscape during the off season.
and apone the garde imbroyderyd with pansys off all fasyenes .
Pansy raised American Saddlebred horses in Beaumont; upon the death of her husband Miles Frank Yount, she moved to Lexington, Kentucky and built Spindletop Farm which was eventually donated to the University of Kentucky.
The cameras recorded the last movements of Pansy, who arrived at the park in 1979, and the actions of the other chimpanzees as she died.
Since Hallmark began tracking sales in 1942, almost 30 million cards with this pansy design have been purchased - more than any card in history.
Daily Record, Hardy Fragrant Trailing Pansy Offer DR026, 14 Hadfield Street, OldTrafford, Manchester, M16 9FG
The flowers of viola, also known as Johnny-jump-up, are about one-third to one-half the size of pansy blooms.
With many such modern F1 hybrids the panola boasts the best traits of both parents: the compact and very free flowering nature of the viola alongside the larger blooms and all year round performance, particularly in winter, of the pansy.
Although most pansy series and mixes on the market can survive freezing temperatures, a few groups have distinguished themselves in recent winter trials.
Paired with pumpkins and gourds grown in the garden, rustic corn stalks and hay bales fresh from the farm, or your favorite spooky Halloween decor, vibrant Cool Wave pansy blooms offer five long-lasting color options -- frost, white, yellow, violet wing and a mixture.
YES, ordinary pansy flowers can be used to decorate cakes and add colour to salads but for the sweetest flavour you should grow Parma violet, Viola odorata.