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n Latin name:
Viola tricolor; part used: flowers; uses: whooping cough, inflammation, upper respiratory disorders, laxative, seborrheic skin conditions, acne, cradle cap; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, salicylate sensitivity. Also called
field pansy, heartsease, Johnny jump-up, jupiter flower, ladies' delight, or
wild pansy.
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Pancreatic Cancer Alliance volunteers will deliver the pansies the week of April 7Co11.
However, protecting your plants from frost throughout the winter months will help prolong flowering times, especially with more sensitive flowers like Pansies and Violas.
To keep the flowers coming FREE 10 PACK OF PANSIES OR VIOLAS VALID SATURDAY APRIL 14 AND SUNDAY APRIL 15, 2012 This coupon entitles you to one FREE 10 pack of violas or pansies from any Dobbies Garden Centre.
One fault of pansies is a tendency to legginess especially in warm weather.
2 Instead of a traditional window box, if you have enough of a ledge on your windowsill, replace the oblong container with a regimented row of smaller matching pots filled with primulas or pansies to make a statement.
Though now when I plant pansies in the pots on the deck,
Choosing from the specials board, I had scampi, chips and peas and my Mum - who can't resist a cheap tray of pansies when she sees them either - had gammon and egg with chips and peas (pounds 6.
Pansies will carry on in the spring and even to early summer, if attended to frequently.
4 cups organic field greens, washed 1/2 pint fresh blueberries or blackberries 1 pound fresh chevre (Haystack Mountain is a favorite) 2 Granny Smith apples, sliced thin 1 handful of Marcona almonds 4 teaspoons of strawberry or blackberry honey (to drizzle over goat cheese and almonds) 1-2 dozen fresh pansies 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste Light olive oil that's fresh and fruity Fig-infused vinegar
Isobel Wilson, founder of Pansies and a Head-Strong volunteer, said: "When I had breast cancer, I didn't need to have chemotherapy, so I was lucky enough to keep my hair.
If pansies or violas are planted in the same soil year after year, the pathological fungi that kill them build up in the soil.
Rising through the blue Grown pansies and Vinca minor are tulips in shades of orange ('Lightning Sun' and 'Temple of Beauty') and purple ('Gum Laude').