panniculus carnosus

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 [pah-nik´u-lus] (L.)
a layer of membrane.
panniculus adipo´sus the subcutaneous fat; a layer of fat underlying the corium.
panniculus carno´sus a muscular layer in the superficial fascia, well developed in certain animals; represented in humans mainly by the platysma.
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pan·nic·u·lus car·no·'sus

the skeletal muscle layer in the superficial fascia represented in humans by the platysma muscle; it is much more extensive in lower mammals.
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panniculus carnosus

The thin layer of muscle tissue in the superficial fascia of mammals.
See: platysma myoides
See also: panniculus
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AAM seem to be atavistic in nature and attachment to skin proves it to be remnant of panniculus carnosus. At present every practicing radiologist and surgeon must have in-depth knowledge of such variations for better understanding of associated clinical conditions, such as thoracic outlet and hyperabduction syndrome and during their treatment.
Tissue samples were obtained by excising the graft with a surrounding rim of normal skin and underlying panniculus carnosus and were fixed in phosphate buffered 10% formalin saline, dehydrated in ethanol, cleared in xylene and embedded in paraffin to get 5 micron thick paraffin sections.
After shaving and depilating the back, a caudally based 3 x 11 cm dorsal skin flap was elevated with the panniculus carnosus on all 32 rats [20].
Solo en la clase mamiferos se describe este plano muscular, considerablemente desarrollado en algunas especies como los roedores, que se extiende ampliamente sobre el torax, el abdomen y el dorso; capa muscular de ubicacion subcutanea, conocido como Panniculus carnosus (Langworthy, 1924).
Si bien la literatura especializada senala que la frecuencia de aparicion de elementos vestigiales del Panniculus carnosus en la axila es baja -entre 4% y 12% segun Miguel et al.
Este patron de inervacion, proveniente de ramos primarios ventrales de nervios raquideos, tal como ocurre con el Panniculus carnosus de mamiferos inferiores, da soporte a la teoria de que estos fasciculos detectados ocasionalmente en humanos corresponden a remanentes vestigiales en la fosa axilar de aquel extenso plano muscular (Langworthy; Besana-Ciani & Greenall).
Panniculus Carnosus [Web Document]<http://www.anatomyatlases.
As described above, rats possess a panniculus carnosus and loose skin layer which present a significant contractile capacity [2].
The platysma muscle could be an evolutive form of the panniculus carnosus present in lower animals [34].
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Full thickness 7 mm punch wounds (excision of the skin and the underlying panniculus carnosus) were made on the back of the mice.