panniculus adiposus

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 [pah-nik´u-lus] (L.)
a layer of membrane.
panniculus adipo´sus the subcutaneous fat; a layer of fat underlying the corium.
panniculus carno´sus a muscular layer in the superficial fascia, well developed in certain animals; represented in humans mainly by the platysma.

fatty layer of subcutaneous tissue

superficial portion of the subcutaneous tissue of certain areas of the body (e.g., inferior portion of anterior abdominal wall) that is specialized for fat storage and thus often has an abundance of fat, especially in an overnourished person, compared with the deeper, fibrous portion of the subcutaneous tissue; in morbid obesity, this layer forms the core of a large, sagging apronlike fold.
See also: fatty layer of subcutaneous tissue of abdomen.
Synonym(s): panniculus adiposus [TA]

panniculus adiposus

The subcutaneous layer of fat; the fat cells in the superficial fascia.
See also: panniculus