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 [pah-nik´u-lus] (L.)
a layer of membrane.
panniculus adipo´sus the subcutaneous fat; a layer of fat underlying the corium.
panniculus carno´sus a muscular layer in the superficial fascia, well developed in certain animals; represented in humans mainly by the platysma.
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(lā'ĕr), [TA]
A sheet of one substance's lying on another and distinguishable from it by a difference in texture or color or by not being continuous with it.
See also: stratum, lamina.
Synonym(s): panniculus
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, pl. panniculi (pă-nik'yū-lŭs, -lī) [TA]
A sheet or layer of tissue.
[L. dim. of pannus, cloth]
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AAM seem to be atavistic in nature and attachment to skin proves it to be remnant of panniculus carnosus.
A significant issue for the patient with a large abdominal panniculus may be insurance coverage for the plastic surgical procedure.
The neurologic deficits of absent pelvic limb proprioception, pelvic limb paraplegia, and panniculus cut-off at L1 with maintenance of reflexes in all limbs suggest a neurolocalization of T3-L3; though, lateral recumbency, thoracic limb paresis, and absent proprioception indicate a cervical lesion [15].
Prior to MIGS it is important to examine a patient's panniculus closely for evidence of infection.
On the 10th day, however, a progressive recovery of panniculus reflex and superficial and deep pain were observed, despite the fact that proprioceptive reflexes and hyperreflexive ataxic hind limb movement responses remained reduced.
A full thickness skin defect including the panniculus carnosus, was excised with a #11BP blade in each animal.
The number of [gamma][delta] T cellswas abnormal in the peripheral blood, skin, and panniculus of SLE patients [11, 12], but the precise role of [gamma][delta] T cells in the pathogenesis of SLE remains elusive.
The hypodermis (Figures 1(a), 1(c), and 1(e)) was formed by a continuous unilocular adipose connective tissue layer, the panniculus adiposus.
After shaving and depilating the back, a caudally based 3 x 11 cm dorsal skin flap was elevated with the panniculus carnosus on all 32 rats [20].
H: Microsatellitosis.--Microsatellitosis is defined as the presence of tumor nests greater than 0.05 mm in diameter in the reticular dermis, panniculus, or vessels beneath the principal invasive tumor but separated from it by at least 0.3 mm of normal tissue on the section in which the Breslow measurement was taken.
Desde fines del siglo XVIII, se han descrito en la fosa axilar bandas o haces de tejido muscular y tendinoso que se disponen entre las paredes de la region (Ramsay, 1795, 1812; Gruber, 1844; Langer, 1846; Wood, 1868); elementos que corresponden a remantes del Panniculus carnosus de los mamiferos inferiores (Langworthy, 1932), que por su situacion pueden entorpecer el examen clinico, generar fenomenos compresivos en los vasos axilares, dificultar las acciones quirurgicas en la region y confundir a los anatomistas (Tillaux, 1880; Petrasek et al., 1997; Merida-Velasco et al., 2003; del Sol & Olave, 2005).
Clinical Innovations has launched the traxi[TM] Panniculus Retractor that lifts and retracts the panniculus during abdominal procedures.