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(păn-mĭk′sē-ə) also


Random mating within a breeding population.

pan·mic′tic (-mĭk′tĭk) adj.
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e]m within the GBR was close to the level assumed adequate to maintain panmixis (Table 6).
Given the few results available at that time, especially the demonstration of panmixis for several species throughout the 2000 km Hawaiian Archipelago (Shaklee 1984, Shaklee and Samollow 1984), we expected substantial gene flow and macro-scale homogeneity.
180 with panmixis (upper right of [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED]).
Nevertheless, a modest degree of small-scale genetic relatedness is detectable, especially in the autocorrelations, and is sufficient to reject the null hypothesis of complete panmixis.
Disturbances of panmixis in natural populations of Drosophila funebris polymorphic with respect to the II-1 inversions.
The conclusion of significant population subdivision is reinforced by comparison of the observed s with its null distribution given the number of populations and individuals sampled and random mating; here complete panmixis can be rejected for all but the case in which I assume independence of only one individual per social group.
An obvious example is gene trees, where deviation from random branching would indicate departure from neutrality and/or panmixis in the population.