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(păn-mĭk′sē-ə) also


Random mating within a breeding population.

pan·mic′tic (-mĭk′tĭk) adj.
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Evidence for panmixia despite barriers to gene flow in the southern African endemic, Caffrogobius caffer (Teleostei: Gobiidae).
El rapido crecimiento poblacional de la especie y el poco control humano sobre su reproduccion, incrementa considerablemente el flujo genetico y la panmixia, condiciones claves para mantener al minimo la variacion en las frecuencias geneticas.
In comparison to temperate monopopulation species, the large distribution and the taxonomy of this species question the number of its spawning areas, its panmixia within each subspecies and the differentiation between them.
The total gene diversity was calculated as the average diversity over all loci (assuming panmixia, genetic diversity is equivalent to the expected heterozygosity He).
2009) analizando el bivalvo Macoma balthica encontraron que la mayoria de los loci se desviaron del H-WE y concluyen que se da la presencia de alelos nulos mas que factores relacionados con la panmixia o errores de genotipificacion.
The statistical rejection of panmixia within the WA improves our understanding of bowhead whale biology, and the lack of evidence for multiple populations within the WA enables risk-averse management of aboriginal hunting of Western Arctic bowhead whales.
Si hubiera panmixia entre las especies parentales en las poblaciones simpatricas, se darian las condiciones para que actue el principio de "exclusion del citotipo minoritario" (LEVIN, Taxon 24: 35-43.
In many cases [3], these decentralized algorithms provide a better sampling of the search space, resulting in improved numerical behavior with respect to an equivalent algorithm in panmixia.
The mating methods available with GRSimulator are panmixia, random pollen pollination (bulk of pollen from all n regenerated plants applied to stigmas of the same plants), chain cross (Plant 1 crossed to Plant 2, Plant 2 crossed to Plant 3, Plant 3 crossed to Plant 4, etc.
A key figure in the development of biometry (statistical biology), Pearson also thought that Kidd's critique of socialism was `built on a quagmire', namely, Weismann's unproven and `purely descriptive' theories of the continuity of the germ-plasm and panmixia.
For a total population that is subdivided into many subpopulations, Wright (1951, 1965) defined three F-statistics (correlations between uniting gametes), to relate the departure from panmixia in the total population ([F.