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Relating to panmixia.
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The extent of inbreeding at the juvenile stage was influenced by population size, and panmictic breeding was maintained in a large population.
However, our results show that mating patterns within the fragments are not random due to: selfing, mating among relatives and correlated mating; resulting in higher levels of inbreeding and relatedness and lower variance effective size in progeny arrays than expected in panmictic populations.
These data indicate that the collected populations were essentially panmictic, and there was little genetic differentiation among them, further suggesting that there was high gene flow among the populations.
Assuming a panmictic population across the study area, the probability of identity (pID; Waits et al.
To evaluate whether breeding areas represent distinct lineages or form a panmictic population, we compared haplotypic frequencies from the maternally inherited mtDNA control region and allelic frequencies from 12 biparentally inherited autosomal microsatellite loci and two sex-linked microsatellite loci.
Most of freshwater eels are considered to form randomly mating panmictic populations.
The gradient in the Owens Valley may reflect local divergence across what was a panmictic population along the whole Owens Valley.
The modification to convert QEA into vQEA can bealso viewed as equivalent to changing the population structure from coarse-grained model in QEA to panmictic in vQEA.