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Relating to panmixia.
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Instead, individuals constituted a single panmictic population.
The first hypothesis adds nothing to the question of geographic structure and the second hypothesis is far more parsimonious because more fitting the mtDNA tree and the eels biology predicting large panmictic populations.
japonicus around distribution area should be considered to be a single panmictic population.
The gradient in the Owens Valley may reflect local divergence across what was a panmictic population along the whole Owens Valley.
phocoena, eastern North Pacific porpoise are not panmictic or migratory.
The results suggest that each population represents discrete panmictic units which could be due to the territorial behaviour of male dragonflies.
Hickerson & Meyer (2008) developed a method for comparing the likelihood of "soft" vicariance (in which an effectively panmictic species then becomes isolated across some stretch of its geographic range because of habitat or climate change) versus peripatric events in which a colonization from one side of the boundary establishes a new lineage on the other side.
According to the results, we can conclude that the four studied forest remnants were part of a panmictic population, which, in the recent past, was part of a continuous forest with free flow of pollen and seeds.
cirrhifer belong to a single panmictic population; however, this study has not investigated the genetic structure of populations from the west coast of Korea.
6] Carlos Bermudez, Patricia Graglia, Natalia Stark, Carolina Salto, Hugo Alfonso (2010) Comparison of Recombination Operators in Panmictic and Cellular GAs to Solve a Vehicle Routing Problem, Inteligencia Artificial, 14(46) pp.
This location is made up of 30 governmental protected areas where the species may be spread out in a panmictic population.