panic attacks

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panic attacks, distressing episodes where an individual experiences palpitations, anxiety, apprehension, sweating, trembling, etc. Can last several minutes and recur unpredictably.

Patient discussion about panic attacks

Q. I’ve read somewhere that asthma attacks and panic attacks have similar symptoms. so how can you know tell if what you are experiencing is one or the other?

A. brandon is right, but people who have asthma sometimes panic when they are having an attack because they are affaid,scared.

Q. Is there any herb good for panic attacks that work right away?

A. I am not familiar with any herbs that can solve panic attacks. Panic attack is a medical condtion and if you are experiencing it often you should seek medical care, in order to provide you with proper treatment, either behavioural or with medications. There are good medications out there that can work fast and help you with panic attack symptoms.

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It's thought that panic attacks are a consequence of the body's natural "fight or flight" fear response.
Darya Khan define a panic attack as an event with any four of the following symptoms including pounding, skipping, or fluttering heartbeat, Shortness of breath or a sense of being smothered, dizziness or light-headedness, Nausea or stomach problems, Chest pains or pressure on the chest, sweating Fear of dying and the feelings of unreality, he added.
Most people who suffer from panic attacks may feel depressed that they cannot function properly and do simple tasks like driving, for instance.
Experiencing those panic attacks has really shaken her up badly.
Almost half of unemployed respondents (48%) said joblessness had caused problems including panic attacks, self-harm and self-loathing.
Neal-Barnett, is that "the very things that make us strong are the very things that contribute to the development of anxiety and panic attacks.
Panic attacks typically begin suddenly, with no apparent reason.
Liverpool crown court heard John Jones suffered panic attacks and was entitled to take cabs to and from work.
2) Frequently, the onset of panic attacks leads the patient to their primary care physician or emergency room believing that a heart attack is occurring.
Even though the consideration of medications is necessary when there are very severe or resistant symptoms, many people with severe anxiety or panic attacks will have excellent results with a holistic approach.
Most reported seeing an approaching demon or other entity that created pressure on their chests and typically triggered panic attacks.