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Genus of anthropoid apes that includes the gorilla and chimpanzee. Pan panisus and Pan troglodytes are chimpanzee species used in biologic experiments.
[G. myth. god of forest]


polyarteritis nodosa.


Greek mythological god of the forest.
panic - extreme and unreasoning anxiety and fear.

polyarteritis nodosa

; PAN rare form of necrotizing vasculitis affecting medium-sized arteries (male:female ratio of 2:1) during the fourth to fifth decade of life, especially in hepatitis B-positive individuals, causing multisystem inflammation; presents as a vague systemic illness with muscle pains, mononeuritis multiplex (due to vasa nervorum involvement), abdominal pains, severe hypertension, chest pain, renal impairment, arthritis, claudication, cutaneous purpura, ulcers and gangrene; treated with immunosuppressive drugs and antiviral therapy
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Tiny and lightweight, but pops into a big, luxurious panful to accompany the sunset.
It takes a thoughtful, most particular, almost fastidious cook to turn out a decent panful of savoury mince.
Some sauteed chicken livers and bacon with brandy and cream sauce was straight out of Mrs Beeton - a huge panful bathed in a rich sauce with a few slices of fresh bread to mop it all up.
Because you can have the cookies mixed and baked in considerably less than an hour, they just might make the right gift to bring by the panful to a family, by the plateful to a single friend, or to pull out of the oven when carolers pause for refreshments.
We've all been there, joylessly knocking up a panful of marrow soup, desperately flinging in any amount of herbs or spices to take our mind off the fact that the heart of the dish is that bland, woolly vegetable.
It takes 15 minutes to cook a panful of crab that weigh 2 to 2 1/2 pounds each (the most common size); allow 20 minutes to cook larger crab (3-lb.
I like black pud diced, fried and chucked into a big pot of corned beef hash, and it's great with a panful of rich, tomato-y butter beans and onions.
Suppose you have a panful of meat cooking on the stove and you are going to Uncle Fred's house.
Roasted onions are real winners because they are so versatile; Ogden cooks them by the panful and serves them plain to go with meats or to use in a variety of dishes.