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pandits (pän·dēts), in Ayurveda, experts trained in Vedic knowledge, who memorize and communicate primordial sounds and relay them to others.
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com offers various services including providing certified and skilled Pandits for religious services, customized puja kits, and puja samagri, divine and corporate gifts.
According to the proposal sent by the Jammu and Kashmir government to the Centre, Pandits will be given ` 20 lakh, with which they can purchase a flat in the township.
A political scientist at Jammu university, wishing anonymity, said the RSS is planning to undermine the Kashmiri freedom struggle by creating a somewhat parallel stakeholder in the form of Pandits in these townships.
He claimed that India was planning to settle workers of Hindu extremist group, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), in the proposed colonies for the Pandits to change the demography of the territory.
When Pandit bought the land here in 1979 this was beyond the urban fringe, a piece of open ground to the north of the city, although it is hard to believe that now.
The end result is that the original inhabitants of Kashmir -- the minority Kashmiri Pandit (Hindu) community -- continues to suffer a wretched fate after being forced out of Kashmir at gunpoint.
A puppet man cannot be a representative of living people, so the matter of separate colony for Pandits in the name of rehabilitation is totally unacceptable at all costs.
Jagti Nagrota colony of Pandit brethren is facing power cut down for the last several months and an 18-hour load-shedding is being practiced in the colony during these hot days and nights, the Pandits told Yasin Malik.
In the garb rehabilitating Kashmiri Pandits, New Delhi is planning to create Israeli-type settlements in Kashmir," Geelani said at a press conference at his Srinagar residence.
The civil society groups, consisting of people from Kashmiri Muslims, Pandits and Sikhs, say they will engage with displaced Pandits, the administration and all political parties to work out a plan for the return of the Pandit community, reported.
Kashmiri Pandits will be re- integrated as part of the society in Jammu and Kashmir, but there shall be no exclusive settlement designated for the community.