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(pän′dər), Christian Heinrich 1794-1865.
Russian-born German anatomist and pioneer embryologist. With Karl Ernst von Baer he discovered the distinct structural layers of the chick embryo.
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Stopping the Panders is a paradigm shift in Canadian history on Operation Overlord.
In a nutshell: Bloated B-movie that panders to audience's fears about our ``troubled'' youth.
But rather than saying anything noteworthy about the given subject, this collage of campy poses and diary entries of Warhol fretting about his pimply complexion panders to a dumb-and-dumber mentality.
Like Ellie trilling her time-tested Denver tunes, series creator Brad Hall (Louis-Dreyfus' husband) panders to his audience, with drearily obvious slapstick and leering sexual content - an Amazonian babe from Iceland moves into Ellie's building.
Your suggestion that I am sending the 'wrong message' in not filing a hate crime is irresponsible and panders to a vigilante mentality inconsistent with due process,'' Cooley wrote.
He still panders - he's just less obvious about it now.