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(pän′dər), Christian Heinrich 1794-1865.
Russian-born German anatomist and pioneer embryologist. With Karl Ernst von Baer he discovered the distinct structural layers of the chick embryo.
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Williams asserted that because his pandering conviction was based on his offer to provide child pornography to the U.
In the introduction to Our Culture of Pandering, Simon described significant progress he had seen in the United States in such areas as racial and religious tolerance, in education and research, in awareness of ecological threats.
131] Where the Mann Act was limited to the procurers' transporting prostitutes, and disorderly house laws generally only applied to the "keepers," by defining pandering as profiting from the earnings of a prostitute, state legislators expanded the number of potential offenders to include not only procurers and madams, but the pimps in collusion with them.
Moorpark Road, who was arrested on suspicion of pandering.
Los Angeles producer-director Billy Burgess believes the WB's choice demonstrates pandering to protest-happy conservatives.
This is election-year pandering using the voter's deepest beliefs as a tool," said Sen.
I would like to know if Grampian NHS is as willing to provide cancer drugs, like the one which breast cancer victims are having to go to court to fight for, instead of pandering to people who have inflicted this on themselves.
Co-ordinator Rob Lawrence said: "You're pandering towards the fears of many in the community.
The Conservative leader's remarks came as he was accused of pandering to xenophobia by audience members at aTV show.
That pandering claim, meant to be racially polarizing, is also false.
Last fall, on the other hand, a jury in the same county convicted Jennifer Dute, who offered porn videos starring herself for sale online, of pandering obscenity.
She might be accused of orientalism, of preying on or pandering to Western fascination with a culture that is virtually closed to the rest of us.