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(pän′dər), Christian Heinrich 1794-1865.
Russian-born German anatomist and pioneer embryologist. With Karl Ernst von Baer he discovered the distinct structural layers of the chick embryo.
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It touches upon a seldom acknowledged truth: To many people, the elevation of anyone other than a white man is always viewed as pandering.
Williams was charged with one count of pandering child pornography (25) and one count of possessing child pornography (26) pursuant to the statute.
Since then, he's tried pandering to the union to help his re-election campaign, something that hasn't looked good since he is negotiating a new contract for the guards.
Vividly exposing the blunders, the pandering to military and corporate wants, and the hoaxes that fueled Bush's "war on terrorism" in Iraq, these free-verse poems are as eloquent as they are biting.
It is a cankerous posthumous blot on the career of a very good architect, and Ms Slessor's gentle and rather pandering critique of it is quite disappointing.
The Bush administration has given us irresponsible economic policies, lies over Iraq, and pandering to homophobes.
In the cause of preserving some sanity I believe there should be no pandering to the trouble makers.
Paul Simon's book, Our Culture of Pandering (Southern Illinois University Press), with a handwritten note that I might want to check out the chapter "Pandering in Religion.
One might wonder whether he's probing methods of representation, degrees of abstraction, or the poetics of ambiguity or just pandering to an audience given to the adage "I don't know what it is, but I like the way it looks.
A motion backed by eight leading unions says Government plans for reception centres for asylum seekers are pandering to the BNP and its policies have created a climate of alienation and attacks against asylum seekers and aided the BNP cause.
The Rugby Football Union had just, with courage unbecoming, given their masters, the Premiership, a rocket for prevaricating over the incredibly smelly Rotherham non-promotion issue when Howard Thomas said this: 'The RFU is pandering to the media in wanting to get this sorted before the weekend.
Mann, fought for a series of white slave traffic acts, also known as pandering laws, on the Federal and local level.