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(pän′dər), Christian Heinrich 1794-1865.
Russian-born German anatomist and pioneer embryologist. With Karl Ernst von Baer he discovered the distinct structural layers of the chick embryo.
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Pandering/ Jensen and Malesky develop a "theory of pandering" to explain this bad public policy.
Concerning the charge for sex trafficking, in addition to the evidence cited regarding pandering, there is also evidence that Johnson drove S.B.
There is no place in our society for pandering to racism of any sort.
While he was sentenced to four years in jail, the maximum penalty on his pandering charge, Goldsberry would serve less than two years under state guidelines that cut sentences in half.
It touches upon a seldom acknowledged truth: To many people, the elevation of anyone other than a white man is always viewed as pandering. Any advancement of women and minorities is too often seen as coming not as a reward for hard work or achievement, but in spite of a lack of qualifications and at the expense of a more capable white man.
Pandering. For him, pandering to a human's basic needs to alienate and oppress people that are not like them.
1, but he noted that the measure, which passed 193-0 in January, is at worst "premeditated pandering designed to provide a reelection soundbite for use by members of the General Assembly."
Outraged Muslims and equality campaigners said the Prime Minister was pandering to the hard right with his remarks, delivered on the day extremists held a big march in Luton, Beds, which has many Asians.
J Street condemned Palin's comments and accused her of pandering and ignorance.
ALL politicians pander to their constituents at election time, but President Karzai's pandering to the Shia clerics takes electioneering to a new low.
Do the words and the actions taken to transmit them constitute pandering (2) or any other type of criminal conduct?
So far, the only reason that he has not come under much criticism from the hard-liners' camp is because he has been pandering to it, doing his best to keep it on side.