pancreatic pseudocyst

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pancreatic pseudocyst

GI disease Any of a circumscribed collection of pancreatic secretions surrounded by non-epithelial cell lined fibrous walls of granulation tissue; pseudocysts develop in 10% of Pts with chronic pancreatitis; most are small and resolve spontaneously; others hemorrhage, rupture, become infected Treatment Resection, external or internal drainage


an abnormal dilated space resembling a cyst but not lined with epithelium, e.g. a retroperitoneal accumulation of urine from a leaking ureter.

pancreatic pseudocyst
accumulation of pancreatic secretions and cellular debris may occur with recurring episodes of pancreatitis, most commonly in dogs.
perirenal pseudocyst, perinephritic pseudocyst
see feline perirenal cysts.
salivary pseudocyst
see salivary mucocele.
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4] In patients of pancreatic pleural effusions, pancreatic pseudocyst or abscesses must be excluded with the help of Ultrasonography or CT scan.
Acute pancreatitis leads to peripancreatic inflammation, the serous exudates get collected and form a pancreatic pseudocyst.
Two (4%) patients had acute pancreatitis and six (12%) had pancreatic pseudocyst on MRCP.
Guerrero, "Scrotal mass as result of the extension of a pancreatic pseudocyst," Actas Urologicas Espanolas, vol.
80%) patients, followed by pancreatic pseudocyst (7.
For the patient with HP who has a pancreatic disease such as pancreatic pseudocyst, surgical treatment may be appropriate.
Endoscopic drainage of traumatic pancreatic pseudocyst.
This initial pain presentation may have occurred because the patient was dialyzing in the pancreatic pseudocyst that communicated with the pancreas, and therefore, when the fluid became infected, it was interpreted by the patient as "pancreatitis like" pain.
duodenal obstruction, bile duct obstruction or pancreatic pseudocyst.
Differential diagnosis of hydatid spleen includes dermoid cyst, pseudocyst, large solitary abscess or hematoma, intrasplenic pancreatic pseudocyst, and cystic neoplasm of the spleen on ultrasonography or computed tomography.