pancreatic lymph nodes

pan·cre·at·ic lymph nodes

nodes draining the body and tail of the pancreas; they are subdivided into two groups: inferior pancreatic lymph nodes [TA] (nodi lymphoidei pancreatici inferiores [TA]), located along the inferior pancreatic artery; and superior pancreatic lymph nodes [TA] (nodi lymphoidei pancreatici superiores [TA]), located along the splenic artery near the origin of its pancreatic branches.
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This study also found that targeting RAD51 significantly increased CD73+ B cells in the spleen pancreatic lymph nodes and pancreatic islets in treated mice.
In addition, the development and anatomy of the small intestine and pancreas are closely related, and the gut immune system shares connections with pancreatic lymph nodes, which have been linked to an inflammation of the pancreas and the destruction of beta cells.
The researchers propose that the development of type 1 diabetes may be due in part to increased levels of the Deaf1 variant protein in pancreatic lymph nodes of people with this disease.
The investigators found that cells in the pancreatic lymph nodes of mice make two forms of the same gene called deformed epidermal autoregulatory factor 1 (Deaf1).
In earlier studies, researchers demonstrated that groups of B cells migrate to the pancreas and pancreatic lymph nodes, presenting specific insulin antigen to T cells.