pancreatic islets

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is·lets of Lan·ger·hans

cellular masses consisting of several to several hundred cells lying in the interstitial tissue of the pancreas; they are composed of five different cell types that make up the endocrine portion of the pancreas and are the sources of insulin, glucagon, somatostatin, pancreatic polypeptide, and gastrin.
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pancreatic islets

Islets of Langerhans Anatomy Clusters of cells in the pancreas that form the endocrine portion and secrete insulin and glucagon
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Paul, German anatomist, 1847-1888.
islets of Langerhans - cellular masses composed of different cell types that comprise the endocrine portion of the pancreas and are the source of insulin and glucagon. Synonym(s): islet tissue; Langerhans islands; pancreatic islands; pancreatic islets
Langerhans cell granulomatosis
Langerhans cells - dendritic clear cells in the epidermis that are active participants in cutaneous delayed hypersensitivity.
Langerhans granule - a small membrane-bound granule first reported in Langerhans cells of the epidermis. Synonym(s): Birbeck granule
Langerhans islands - Synonym(s): islets of Langerhans
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Pancreatic islets tissue-engineered in the current generated by the process not only quickly developed a vascular network after transplant into animal models of type 1 diabetes, the tissues also functioned efficiently as part of the endocrine system -- secreting hormones like insulin and stabilizing glycemic control in the animals.
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Regarding the study of mechanisms, an in vivo study demonstrated that methimazole-induced hypothyroidism promotes immune cell infiltration into pancreatic islets of female rabbits, which could be inducing pancreatitis and insulitis [79].
In the pancreatic endocrine portion, ghrelin-ip cells were located among the pancreatic islet cells, and and the distribution of ghrelin-ip cells was observed mostly at the periphery of the islet, a few ghrelin-ip cells were found in the central portion of pancreatic islets.
Accordingly, we recently demonstrated that HyO pancreatic islets present a higher [beta]-cell number per islet, indicating that compensatory morphofunction alterations in the HyO pancreas are accompanied by enhanced islet-cell replication, induced by vagal hypertonia, since truncal vagotomy in HyO rats normalized [beta]-cell amount per islet (17).
Also, our previous study on rat model of diabetes has shown that STZ markedly cause reduction in [beta]-cells mass and pancreatic islets in adult rats (Golalipour et al., 2010).
Further investigation to clarify the key cell types involved in AGE-stimulated IL-1[beta] secretion in pancreatic islets is necessary.