pancreatic branches

pan·cre·at·ic branch·es

branches to the pancreas. Terminologia Anatomica lists pancreatic branches of 1) splenic artery, rami pancreatici arteriae splenicae [TA]; and 2) (anterior and posterior) superior pancreaticoduodenal arteries, rami pancreatici arteriae pancreaticoduodenalis superioris (anterior et posterior) [TA].
Synonym(s): rami pancreatici [TA]
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Both creatures were petrified into the mutual stare that is of the hunter and the hunted, the preyer and the prey, the meat-eater and the meat.
Regardless its origin, the cranial artery directs ventralcaudally and sends as a branch the pancreatic-duodenal caudal artery, and a varied number of pancreatic branches (Fig.

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