pancreatic amylase

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pan·cre·at·ic am·y·lase

(pan-krē-at'ik am'i-lās)
An enzyme secreted by the pancreas that digests starch.


(am'i-las?) [ amyl + -ase]
Any of a class of enzymes that split or hydrolyze starch. Those found in animals are called alpha-amylases; those in plants, beta-amylases. Serum levels of amylase become elevated in mumps, pancreatitis, and intraperitoneal organ rupture, among other diseases and conditions. See: macroamylase

pancreatic amylase


salivary amylase


vegetable amylase


pancreatic amylase

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4) Another study, comparing a mass concentration assay of lipase to amylase, showed that the median increase in peak pancreatic amylase was about 14 times the upper reference limit (URL), while lipase was about 37 times the URL.
Effect dietary corn starch intake on pancreatic amylase and intestinal maltase and ph in cattle.
An approximate molecular-mass decrease of 130 Da was observed for both major isoforms of the fibrinogen B[beta] chain derived from individuals with high pancreatic amylase activities.
5 shows a plot of the percentage of des-Gln B[beta] as a function of pancreatic amylase activity.
Therefore, this study was designed to investigate the possible dose-dependent responses of growth, digestive enzyme activities within pancreatic tissue and small intestinal contents, and also pancreatic amylase expression with exogenous [alpha]-amylase supplementation of different levels in a broiler starter diet.
100% of P-AMY and 5% of S-AMY activity because 95% of pure human salivary amylase (Calibzyme AMY [S]) activity is inhibited and pure human pancreatic amylase (Calibzyme AMY [P]) is not.
Assays of amylase activity in serum are largely used in the diagnosis of diseases of the pancreas, where the majority of the pancreatic amylase (P-type) is produced.
To control the reference range of ELISA-elastase, in a series of 568 patients admitted to our gastroenterological clinic without evidence of pancreatitis (normal concentrations of pancreatic amylase and lipase, no evidence of acute pancreatitis in ultrasound or CT), concentrations of ELISA-elastase were measured in serum.