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diffuse inflammation of the heart.


Simultaneous inflammation of the heart muscle and of the endocardium and pericardium.
Synonym(s): pancarditis
[endo- + G. peri, around, + mys, muscle, + kardia, heart, + -itis, inflammation]


Inflammation of all the structures of the heart.


Inflammation of all parts of the heart-the lining (endocardium), the muscle (myocardium) and the surrounding sac (pericardium).


Inflammation of the lining of the heart, the sac around the heart, and the muscle of the heart.
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Examination of heart tissues at CDC again demonstrated diffuse mixed perivascular lymphoplasmacytic pancarditis. WarthinStarry stain revealed spirochetes in the myocardium, and IHC and PCR assays confirmed the spirochete as B.
Cardiovascular effects of HIV and HAART Cardiovascular effects Cardiovascular effects of HAART of HIV infection Toxic Lipodystrophy * Pericardial effusion * Peripheral lipoatrophy * Dilated cardiomyopathy * Central visceral fat accumulation * Pulmonary hypertension * Metabolic syndrome-like * Pancarditis effects Dyslipidaemia Insulin resistance Metabolic * Dyslipidaemia * Coronary artery disease
Those with the fulminant course tend to have abnormal Q waves, ST segment elevation and prolonged QRS duration indicating widespread pancarditis (7).
Steere and other doctors reported a death from Lyme disease--the sudden heart failure from pancarditis, or spirochete involvement throughout the heart muscle, of a man from Nantucket.