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Genus of anthropoid apes that includes the gorilla and chimpanzee. Pan panisus and Pan troglodytes are chimpanzee species used in biologic experiments.
[G. myth. god of forest]


polyarteritis nodosa.


Greek mythological god of the forest.
panic - extreme and unreasoning anxiety and fear.

polyarteritis nodosa

; PAN rare form of necrotizing vasculitis affecting medium-sized arteries (male:female ratio of 2:1) during the fourth to fifth decade of life, especially in hepatitis B-positive individuals, causing multisystem inflammation; presents as a vague systemic illness with muscle pains, mononeuritis multiplex (due to vasa nervorum involvement), abdominal pains, severe hypertension, chest pain, renal impairment, arthritis, claudication, cutaneous purpura, ulcers and gangrene; treated with immunosuppressive drugs and antiviral therapy
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TODAY is Shrove Tuesday the day to flip, fold and enjoy delicious pancakes.
PANCAKE TOSS: Provide each child with a saucepan and a pancake.
Prepare the pancake batter and then add in the mashed potato, whisking to A flip-flop.
SAVOURY TUNA AND MAYO PANCAKE in of tuna in spring water INGREDIENTS: Tin of tuna in spring water Mayonnaise to taste Salad if desired the tuna and place in a bowl and mix to taste with a tablespoon (or more) of DRAIN the tuna and place in a bowl and mix to taste with a tablespoon (or more) of mayonnaise.
Customers who view the AGA infographic will learn about the different pancake traditions; for example, it is customary in France to touch the handle of the frying pan and make a wish while the pancake is being turned, holding a coin in one hand it also informs people that every country has their own version of the pancake.
I don't know anyone from four to 94 who doesn't want to show off their pancake flipping skills.
Participants, friends, family members and pancake fans alike are encouraged to vote for their favorite recipe using the special tab @ophdenver.
Abra-ca-Debora Diddy pancakes are initially being launched in 20 Waitrose stores throughout the UK and are conveniently packed in a pouch format which can be found in the chiller cabinet.
6 TO FINISH Place pancake on plate, put the broccoli and cheese sauce on one half of pancake, fold the other half over and drizzle with a little more cheese sauce.
PANCAKES WITH SMOKED SALMON, AVOCADO AND ROCKET Don't save pancakes for Pancake Day, these are far too good to have only once a year.