pampiniform venous plexus

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pam·pin·i·form venous plex·us

a plexus formed, in the male, by veins from the testicle and epididymis, consisting of 8 or 10 veins lying in front of the ductus deferens and forming part of the spermatic cord; in the female, the ovarian veins form this plexus between the layers of the broad ligament; in the male, it is part of the thermoregulatory system of the testis, helping to keep the testis at a constant slightly lower temperature than the rest of the body.
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A varicocele is the result of an abnormal enlargement of the pampiniform venous plexus, the structure responsible for venous drainage of testicles to the gonadal vein trunci, pudendal and cremasteric veins.
Pathophysiology of varicocele Proposed Details mechanism Hyperthermia The scrotal position of the testicle allows for heat exchange between the pampiniform venous plexus and testicular artery regulating optimal temperature for spermatogenesis.