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abbreviation for posterior axillary line.


physical activity level

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Q. I think I have got involved with a man who had a bipolar, he never mentioned it I need to talk to somebody,pls The problem is he would never even admit it if I ever ask him. He's nice and caring and the next day he would disapearing without any reason, after a few weeks he would come back again even without saying sorry and repeats over and over again.... I need to talk to somebody... Thank you

A. I have read your question/answers; an where i come from we would call him a player-he can be a player and bipolar at the same time,as a man i would let him make the first move and see where it goes from there.If you are having so much stress from this person now/think about living with him later--is it worst your mental health/an stress on your system to be with him/if a person really loves you he wouldnt leave for no reason like he is doing----think about your life with him ?------------mrfoot56

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In Sweden, Calista stays with her host family and pals around with a girl she met on the plane.
But they just end up doing virtually the same as they do at home, getting drunk with their pals around a little fire on a beach rather than in a nightclub.
PISCES: The pals around you are the family you make for yourself.
She even sleeps hanging upside down by her tail from a tree and pals around with two crazy possums (Seann William Scott, Josh Peck).
Welsh fans have been emailing the picture, based on Mastercard's 'priceless' TV adverts, to their English pals around the country.
Friends said that when told he had only a short time to live, he bravely decided to make the best of it with family and close pals around him.
This resident now has several pen pals around the world with whom he exchanges e-mails and photos.
made about her husband during the primaries, and she needled Bush as a "candidate who has distanced himself from his supporters and pals around with John McCain.
It appears the rocker can't help hogging the photo opportunity with his prestigious pals around the world.
Warrant officer Gary, 35, believes having pals around helps during tough times.
wars', and when you've got pals around you the fun takes on another dimension.