palpebral conjunctiva

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pal·pe·bral con·junc·ti·va

the part of the conjunctiva lining the posterior surface of the eyelids and continuous with the bulbar conjunctiva at the conjunctival fornices.
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The amount of CD4+ inflammatory T cells containing CXC receptor 3 ligands in the bulbar and palpebral conjunctiva were determined by flow cytometry.
reported on the use of visible reflectance spectroscopy to analyze the mucosal palpebral conjunctiva (inner lining of the eyelid) as a method of noninvasively monitoring Hgb (37).
Follicular response appears in the lower fornix and palpebral conjunctiva. In chlamydial infection, history and clinical findings facilitate diagnosis, and treatment is systemic.
This space is free of the subepithelial adhesions that bind the superior palpebral conjunctiva to the tarsal plate.
One popular solution is to crop a small image within the digital photo of the palpebral conjunctiva area (Figure 1).
These were present at the palpebral conjunctiva of lower eye lid.
A biopsy is usually performed when a pigmented nevus shows clinical characteristics of possible malignancy such as rapid growth, change in shape and/or color, recurrence after prior biopsy, and unusual location such as the palpebral conjunctiva or the fornix.
On the left side, examination of the ciliary margin present revealed a thickened eyelid margin and inflamed palpebral conjunctiva. A 2-mm section of the ventral palpebral conjunctiva formed a pouch or diverticulum at its insertion with the eyelid edge.
Histopathologic examination of the eyelids showed a necrotic, ulcerated lesion of the palpebral conjunctiva. The ulcer bed consisted of necrotic debris and pyknotic epithelial cells.
The present communication reports non-cerebral location of cyst in sub palpebral conjunctiva of a sheep.
Diagnosis of VKC was made on the basis of the typical clinical history of severe itching with characteristic signs, including giant papillae on the upper palpebral conjunctiva, limbal infiltrates, and eosinophilic concretions (Horner-Trantas'_dots).