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to perform palpation.
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To examine by feeling and pressing with the palms of the hands and the fingers.
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palpate 1

tr.v. pal·pated, pal·pating, pal·pates
To examine or explore by touching (an organ or area of the body), usually as a diagnostic aid.

pal·pa′tion n.
pal′pa′tor n.
pal′pa·tor′y (-pə-tôr′ē) adj.

palpate 2

Having a palp or palps.
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To examine by feeling and pressing with the palms of the hands and the fingers.
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To examine the body by touching or pressing with the fingers or the palm of the hand.
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To examine by feeling and pressing with palms of hands and fingers.
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The horizontal lines then illustrate the individual study means for the spinal level of the imaged or palpated iliac crests, and their 95% confidence intervals.
The apparent parotid masses seen on routine axial imaging in cases 1 and 2 should have been easily palpated by the clinicians.
The skin of the left testicle was darker than normal and a firm mass with a size of 15x15 mm was palpated in the scrotum (Figure 1).
A correlation coefficient of .230 (P = 0.154) was obtained between the number of times each month the subjects palpated HR and the amount of error in their obtained result.
The snake was captured from the water and palpated. It was a female and measured 915 mm in snout-vent length and weighed 633 g after the forced regurgitation.
Next, the Nervus ulnaris is palpated in its groove and also more distally in the forearm and more proximally on the distal end of the upper arm.
"Unfortunately at 9.00am there was excessive heat, and some soreness at the back of his off-fore knee when palpated.
She tsk-tsked quietly as she gently palpated his spine and made numerous small adjustments.
Contralateral flexion of the neck will stretch all the tissues of the palpated side (i.e.
"Make a note that you looked, that you palpated the contractions, or [that the electronic fetal monitor] wasn't giving you a reassuring sign as an external monitor.
Cows that were rectally palpated for pregnancy determination had a higher fetal and calf loss than those that were not rectally palpated.
If a thrill and bruit are present at the anastomosis, but only a small portion of the vein can be palpated and/or the bruit is not continuous or is suddenly diminished, a fistulogram can be performed to evaluate the fistula itself as well as the outflow vein.