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to perform palpation.
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To examine by feeling and pressing with the palms of the hands and the fingers.
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palpate 1

tr.v. pal·pated, pal·pating, pal·pates
To examine or explore by touching (an organ or area of the body), usually as a diagnostic aid.

pal·pa′tion n.
pal′pa′tor n.
pal′pa·tor′y (-pə-tôr′ē) adj.

palpate 2

Having a palp or palps.
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To examine by feeling and pressing with the palms of the hands and the fingers.
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To examine the body by touching or pressing with the fingers or the palm of the hand.
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To examine by feeling and pressing with palms of hands and fingers.
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One certified trainer and one exerciser noted that their HR palpation was a complete guess as they were either unable to palpate the HR or feel the pulse for the full 15-sec count.
Also seek help if it becomes difficult to palpate the testicle.
--Visually examine and/or palpate limbs for uniformity, abnormal swellings, changes in weight bearing, muscle tone, angular deformities, patella position, condition of feet and nail beds, joint range of motion, and crepitus.
Palpate groin, Spina iliaca anterior superior, and Crista iliaca.
Moreover, we did not find it more difficult to palpate and determine pregnancy in older compared to younger cows, which could possibly have explained the age class disparity in the observed fetal and calf loss; i.e., by erroneously classifying non-pregnant old cows as pregnant.
However, many of these accesses are unable to be used because, even though there is a thrill and bruit at the fistula, the outflow vein is either too small or is difficult to palpate. Is there any way to save these fistulas from being replaced by grafts?
The first tourniquet is placed above the site in the usual manner and a second is applied below the site, only for the time that it takes to palpate and enter the vein.
However, on obese patients both the iliac crest and the greater trochanter can be very difficult to palpate due to excess adipose tissue.
They confer, they palpate, they manipulate, and they concur that it does in fact feel like a cyst.
"We can see it, we can palpate it and now we can hear it.' Preliminary studies in 54 patients showed a 76 percent success rate--where the margins of the tumor were accurately defined using the probe.
Failure to palpate the IUD strings by the user or failure to visualize the strings is a fairly common occurrence.
During the pubertal years, it is also important to palpate the testicles again to determine if they are responding to expectant hormone levels.