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A pseudodiscipline based on the assertion that the individual nature of the lines in the hand of each person can be evaluated to assess a person’s life history and predict his/her future. This form of hand interpretation is rejected by mainstream medical thought
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Caption: William Christenberry, Palmist Building (Summer), Havana Junction, Alabama, 1980.
At that time, my only other run-in with a palmist had been rather disconcerting.
But there is time to spend: an amateur palmist, after looking at the Murphy hand, said the headline and heartline intersect perfectly.
He asked the palmist whether he was going to be an expert in grammar.
Well I am not an economist or a researcher or a palmist, so that really does preclude my fortune telling.
Having inhaled a sherry or two, I was making to leave the bash when I saw him commit the amazing mistake of giving his hand to a woman known to me as a society astrologer and general-purpose palmist.
Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards" by professional astrologer, palmist, and tarot card reader Sasha Fenton is an accessible and easy guide that teaches how to use the tarot.
A caper novel with a plot arising out of a stew comprised of an ancient ring which may or may not be blessed and/or cursed, a spoiled and willful 19-year-old girl, a Greenwich Village palmist and her assorted relatives, and a smattering of several truisms purportedly from the mouth of Abraham Lincoln, among many other things, make up this consistently delightful concoction.
The following year, my friend came out - and is still waiting to find a politically-correct palmist.
Maurice, who works as a clairvoyant and palmist in the city's Cannon Street, claims by refusing his cash the bank may cause him to incur a fine by making his credit card payment late.