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A pseudodiscipline based on the assertion that the individual nature of the lines in the hand of each person can be evaluated to assess a person’s life history and predict his/her future. This form of hand interpretation is rejected by mainstream medical thought
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At that time, my only other run-in with a palmist had been rather disconcerting.
Naseem Mohammed, 42, an Indian palmist from Chester, is accused of falsely claiming he could restore the relationship between Jasuir Mahill and her lover using "paranormal phenomena".
There will be live entertainment from the Paul James Band, a disco, magician, palmist, and a fun casino.
A recent visit (just for fun) to a palmist predicted that a world famous woman will soon be wearing one of their wedding gowns.
I recently visited a palmist who predicted I would marry and have a baby soon.
A palmist told me', she said, 'that when I am forty-two my life would take a turn for the better and now I shall spend my forty-second year in heaven' and then emphatically '0 yes I shall go to heaven.
But there is time to spend: an amateur palmist, after looking at the Murphy hand, said the headline and heartline intersect perfectly.
He asked the palmist whether he was going to be an expert in grammar.
The most attractive point of the Fun fair was the Palmist who remained awfully busy telling the students about their fortune.
The following year, my friend came out - and is still waiting to find a politically-correct palmist.