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the hollow or flexor surface of the hand. adj., adj pal´mar.
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(pahlm), [TA]
The flat of the hand; the flexor or anterior surface of the hand, exclusive of the thumb and fingers; the opposite of the dorsum of the hand.
Synonym(s): palma [TA], palmar region
[L. palma]
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a. The inner surface of the hand that extends from the wrist to the base of the fingers.
b. The similar part of the forefoot of a quadruped.

palm′ful′ n.
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(pahlm) [TA]
The flat of the hand; the flexor or anterior surface of the hand, exclusive of the thumb and fingers; the opposite of the dorsum.
Synonym(s): palma [TA] .
[L. palma]
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Patient discussion about palm

Q. when my aunt went through chemo (for colon cancer) her palms became VERY sensitive and had a burning feeling is there any way to prevent this from happening to my mom who is starting her chemo now? If not, what it the best treatment for it?

A. What you describe sounds like peripheral neuropathy, a well known side effect of platinum chemotherapy which is used for colon cancer. Several measures, including giving infusion of calcium and magnesium, and glutathione were found to reduce the rate of this complication, although further studies are necessary.

However, the information is only general advice, since I haven't examined your mother so if you have any questions about this subject, it may be wise to consult a doctor (e.g. oncologist).

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Waugh was dismissed in the day's sixth over when he palmed off the ball with his right hand as it appeared to be going towards the stumps following an attempted sweep off Harbhajan.
Inspired by Iorio to a fantasy of civil disobedience, I wondered in a Los Angeles Times column how the court or the Florida Legislature could withstand the spectacle of sheriffs' deputies carting American citizens away from ballots they'd kept counting, in defiance of authority but in affirmation of the principle that democracy should not be palmed off to lawyers, let alone statisticians.
But resident Bob Clarke said: "It beggars belief that we are being palmed off with DIY policing.
And these wants come disguised as needs, cleverly palmed off to the naive consumer by the "hidden persuaders," the marketing people who are driven by anxious CEOs of corporations.
Now, 483 years and many treatises and discussions later, Virdung is still being palmed off on us as a valuable source for the history of musical instruments.
Storm regrouped, and the eventual man of the match Jake Anderson palmed off two defenders as he scored his second try of the day to take a 30-28 lead with minutes left.
ALLEGED murder victim Alice Ruggles' flatmate told how she found her friend dead in a pool of blood at their home - just five days after she was "palmed off" by police over concerns about her exboyfriend.
PALMED OFF Ruth, Coleen and Nadia mimic Britney's gesture
What they don't want is to be palmed off with painkillers and a referral to a waiting list as long as a piece of string.
They need not have played him in the first team if they wished to protect the club's position, but they could have treated him with love, taken him to their bosom, and helped him until he felt he could go public over his battle with cancer rather than palmed off on loan.
We are told that our rates and rents are to be increased yet again; but we never see any repairs in council property and when we try to get anything done we are palmed off with excuses.
But Raffi was not in agreement with being palmed off to the care of others and during a visit to my next-door neighbour, chocolate muffins and back-to-back Fireman Sam weren't sufficient to stop him sobbing so loudly behind their front door that I had to rescue him from his terrible fate.