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Endoscopic biliary endoprosthesis in the palliation of malignant obstructions of the distal common bile duct: a randomised trial.
Palliation cases were always most likely to end in death, with rates of 35.
Various fractionation schemes have been tried for palliation of gross hematuria associated with advanced urinary bladder cancer however paucity exists in literature regarding optimum dose and fractionation schedules of radiotherapy.
In those with a life expectancy of less than six months and those unfit for surgery non-surgical stenting is a preferred treatment, but patients other than these are likely to achieve better quality palliation with surgery, which can be performed with similar mortality & morbidity to non-operative techniques.
We believe that palliation is a primary goal of care for most older persons dying with advanced dementia," and current care for such patients is clearly "suboptimal," Dr.
It recommended that resources be devoted to research into the causes and alleviation of pain, to the improvement of training in palliation, and to encouraging the further development of hospices.
Unfortunately, many patients present at an advanced stage and palliation is the only option.
Objective: To determine the efficacy and toxicity of hypofractionated thoracic radiotherapy 17 Gray (Gy) in 2 fractions for palliation in advanced non-small-cell lung carcinoma.
In the 52 chapters, radiation oncologists from the US cover basic concepts like patient management, beam dosimetry, physics, and clinical applications, advanced treatment technology, altered fractionation schedules, unsealed radionuclides, and late effects of cancer treatment, followed by treatment regimens for all cancer sites and tumor types, including pain and palliation.
The staged palliation does not recreate a normal two-ventricle circulation; instead the series of surgeries creates a unique physiology in which exercise capacity is dramatically diminished," he said.
Percutaneously placed self-expanding metal stents (SEMS) have been widely used for palliation of malignant biliary obstruction as an alternative to major bypass surgery or when endoscopic drainage is not technically feasible.
The management of patients with renal cancer having localized or advanced disease is detailed, and surgical approaches for primary and metastatic tumors, symptom palliation, and systemic therapy for metastatic disease are discussed.