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Abbreviation for postantibiotic leukocyte enhancement.


adj in Chinese medicine, a facial coloration indicative of low energy, cold energy, energetic blockages, infections, and echo patterns. See also cold energy, echo pattern.


lacking the pink color of normal viable tissue that is perfused with blood.

pale laurel
kalmiapolifolia var. microphylla.
pale willow weed
References in classic literature ?
His face turned paler and paler--he writhed under it.
She wore her poor old burnous and the green shawl; her face still showed signs of illness, it was thinner and paler.
The singer let rip after pop queen Beyonce appeared on the red carpet with a paler complexion last week.
ASDA Extra Special Pigs In Blankets, PS3 'Gluten free, which is a bonus if you have a wheat allergy, but they were paler than the others when cooked and tasted bland.
The second man is described as a white man with paler complexion than the first man, smaller in height, again of stocky build and wearing a vest.
99, New Look; shoes, [euro]50, Office Top, [euro]52, and skirt, [euro]38, Next; shoes, [euro]76, Topshop Instead of clashing colours, go tonal and place the paler shade on the part of your body you don't mind drawing attention to Pastels can be office friendly, too - simply pair with a crisp white shirt Shirt, [euro]30, Mango; skirt, [euro]43, Asos.
Clusters of flowerbuds start as deep crimson and as they open as flat, umbel-like flowerheads, they turn paler to "a whiter shade of pale".
If I don't fade it will just be a case of lots of make-up to make me look paler.
When it comes to decorating a bedroom, a paler shade of pink would be the perfect choice because as it will create a relaxing ambiance and also make the room feel larger than it is.
He's not an albino, which would have pink eyes, but has a genetic lack of pigment which results in paler feathers - a condition known as leucism.
Narcissus THEIR trumpet-shaped blooms hail the true start of spring, whether in dazzling in-your-face yellow or more subtle, paler hues.
Team global prints with a paler palette of blues and pinks if you want to tone the volume down; while black and white patterns work well with on-trend greens for a pop of colour.