pale infarct

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a·ne·mic in·farct

an infarct in which little or no bleeding into tissue spaces occurs when the blood supply is obstructed.
Synonym(s): pale infarct, white infarct (1)

pale infarct

Etymology: L, pallidus, pallid, infarcire, to stuff
a wedge of dead tissue that is white because of an absence of blood. Also called anemic infarct, white infarct.


(in'farkt?, in-farkt') [L. infarctus, stuffed, crammed]
An area of tissue in an organ or part that undergoes necrosis following cessation of the blood supply. This may result from occlusion or stenosis of the supplying artery or, more rarely, from occlusion of the vein that drains the tissue.

anemic infarct

An infarct in which blood pigment is lacking or decoloration has occurred. Synonym: pale infarct; white infarct

bland infarct

An infarct in which infection is absent.

calcareous infarct

An infarct in connective tissue in which calcium salts have been deposited.

cerebral infarct

A stroke resulting from interrupted blood flow to one of the large or small arteries of the brain.

cicatrized infarct

An infarct that has been replaced or encapsulated by fibrous tissue.

hemorrhagic infarct

Red infarct.

infected infarct

Infarcted tissue that has been invaded by pathogenic organisms. Synonym: septic infarct

lateral medullary infarct

Wallenberg syndrome.

pale infarct

Anemic infarct.

red infarct

An infarct that is swollen and red as a result of hemorrhage. Synonym: hemorrhagic infarct

septic infarct

Infected infarct.

uric acid infarct

An infarct in the kidney caused by obstruction of the renal tubules by uric acid crystals.

white infarct

Anemic infarct.