palatoglossus muscle

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pal·a·to·glos·sus mus·cle

(pal'ă-tō-glos'ŭs mŭs'ĕl)
Forms anterior pillar of tonsillar fossa; origin, oral surface of soft palate; insertion, side of tongue; action, raises back of tongue and narrows fauces; nerve supply, pharyngeal plexus (cranial root of accessory nerve).
Synonym(s): musculus palatoglossus [TA] .
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16) They concluded that in the supine position, the palatoglossus muscle attempts to maintain palatal position against gravity by increasing its motor activity.
Electromyographic studies by Mathur et al revealed that palatoglossus muscle activity does not always increase in the supine position.
Muscle spindles in the human levator veli palatini and palatoglossus muscles.