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palatines, either of the bones of the skull, which form the back of the hard palate, part of the nasal cavity, and the orbit of the eye.
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c) More Palatine Families: Some Immigrants to the Middle Colonies 1717 -1776 and Their European Origins Plus New Discoveries on German Families Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710.
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None helped the Palatines, and when the national government attempted to distribute small groups of Palatines to provincial towns, the towns sent them back.
The early charity drives for the Huguenots were supplemented by new ones every year for nearly a decade; Palatine charity dried up after the first collection, making government intervention imperative if the Palatines were not to starve.
The obvious discrepancies between the reception of the Palatines and that of the Huguenots call for an explanation.
Secondly, the Palatines arrived at a time far less propitious for newcomers in England.
Like the French churches, the German Lutheran churches in London contained men of wealth and standing, but they lacked both the will to help the Palatines and the organization.
When sudden waves of migrants appeared, the resources of the established groups became strained beyond capacity, as the French churches were when the Huguenots came, the Bevis Marks synagogue was when numbers of Ashkenizim (German and East European Jews) arrived toward the end of the seventeenth century, or the struggling German chapels were with the Palatines in 1709.
The government's contribution to the remaining French refugees even increased in the decade before the Palatines arrived.
32) Writing to the secretary of state six weeks later, the British envoy in Rotterdam assumed the Palatines were headed for the colonies: "The expenses may be great but are necessary if you are in want of these people for the Plantations, as my Lord Townshend seems to be of opinion you are.
A late 3-point play by Palatine senior guard Lamon Berry helped close out the win for the Pirates.
Jake Moertl scored 12 points for Palatine while Berry added 10.