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 [roo´gah] (L.)
a ridge, wrinkle, or fold.
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, pl.


(rū'gă, rū'jē), [TA] The plural of this word is pronounced with a soft g (like j).
A fold, ridge, or crease; a wrinkle.
[L. a wrinkle]
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n. pl. ru·gae (-gē′, -gī′) Biology
often rugas A fold, crease, or wrinkle, as in the lining of the stomach.

ru′gate′ (-gāt′) adj.
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, pl. rugae (rū'gă, -jē) [TA]
A fold, ridge, or crease; a wrinkle.
[L. wrinkle]
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(roo'ga) plural.rugae [L.]
Enlarge picture
RUGAE: Rugae of stomach as seen through an endoscope
A fold or crease, esp. one of the folds of mucous membrane on the internal surface of the stomach. See: illustration

palatal ruga

One of the folds of the mucous membrane of the roof of the mouth. Synonym: palatine ruga

palatine ruga

Palatal ruga.

ruga of vagina

One of the small ridges on the inner surface of the vagina extending laterally and upward from the columna rugarum (long ridges on the anterior and posterior walls).
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