palatine ridge

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pal·a·tine ra·phe

a rather narrow, low elevation in the center of the hard palate that extends from the incisive papilla posteriorly over the entire length of the mucosa of the hard palate.
Synonym(s): raphe palati [TA], palatine ridge

palatine ridge

any one of the four to six transverse ridges on the anterior surface of the hard palate.


a linear projection or projecting structure; a crest.

dental ridge
any linear elevation on the crown of a tooth.
healing ridge
an indurated ridge that normally forms deep to the skin along the length of a healing wound.
interureteric ridge
a fold of mucous membrane extending across the bladder between the ureteric orifices.
mammary ridge
milk line; an ectodermal thickening in early embryos, along which the mammary glands subsequently develop.
mesonephric ridge
the more lateral portion of the urogenital ridge of the embryo, giving rise to the mesonephros.
palatine ridge
a number of transverse ridges across the hard palate in some animals.
urogenital ridge
a longitudinal ridge in the embryo, lateral to the mesentery.