palatine process

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pal·a·tine pro·cess

(pal'ă-tīn pros'es)
In the embryo, medially directed shelves from the oral surface of the maxillae; they develop into the secondary palate after midline fusion.

palatine process

A process extending transversely from the medial surface of the maxilla. With the corresponding process from the other side, it forms the major portion of the hard palate.
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palatine, palatal

pertaining to the palate. See also palate.

palatine abscess
commonly diagnosed in companion birds. Are often accumulations of keratinized cellular debris as a result of a dietary deficiency of vitamin A.
palatine fissure
narrow gap beside the palatine process of the incisive bone; covered by the vomeronasal organ and pierced by the naso-incisive duct.
palatine process
medial and lateral palatine processes contribute to the development of the palate and the separation of the oral and nasal cavities.
palatine sinus
one of the paranasal sinuses connecting with the nasal cavity that is particularly large in ruminants.
palatine slit
the caudal half of the palate in birds is divided by a median choanal slit.
palatine tonsil
tonsils found on the ventrolateral border of the soft palate, which are large and housed in a tonsillar sinus in dogs and cats, are absent from the pig and are follicular in ruminants and the horse.