Ornithodoros coriaceus

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Or·ni·thod·o·ros co·ri·a·'ce·us

a tick species common in the mountainous coastal areas of California; adults readily attack deer, cattle, and humans, and have an irritating, painful, sometimes toxic bite. Transmits epizootic bovine abortion to cattle.
Synonym(s): pajaroello
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The Pajaroello (pa-ha-WAY-lo) tick, Ornithodoros coriaceus, is responsible for transmitting the causative agent (a deltaproteobacterium) when it feeds on a pregnant cow.
It was initially thought that the Pajaroello tick did not live in the most northern areas of California, where EBA occurred.
Health research includes studies showing that epizootic bovine abortion, or foothill abortion, is caused by bacteria transmitted by the Pajaroello tick.