paired associates

paired as·so·ci·ates

words, syllables, digits, or other items learned in pairs, so that when one is given, its associate is to be recalled.
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Spatial working memory, visual sustained attention, learning and memory, processing and psychomotor speed and accuracy were assessed using selected tasks from the CANTAB, performed in the following sequence: Motor Screening Task (MOT), Spatial Working Memory (SWM), Rapid Visual Information Processing (RVP), Paired Associates Learning (PAL), and Reaction Time (RTI).
Correlations between the two AbM category scores and scores on anterograde memory (Verbal Paired Associates) in the AD group were tested (shown in Table 3).
SD: standard deviation, BMI: body mass index, PAL: paired associates learning, SWM: spatial working memory, GIT: Groninger intelligentietest test, and NLV: Nederlandse Leestest voor Volwassenen.
Paired Associates. Words and their definitions may simply be occasion-behavior pairs.
The acquisition and retention of paired associates by good, average, and poor readers.
Paired associates learning was at a level of 0.41 & 0.52 for pseudowords, and at 0.91 & 0.95 for words at the 100 and 700 ms conditions, respectively.
Paired Associates *: A typical paired-associates task, First and Last Names (French et al., 1963); 10.
The team administered nine neuropsychologic tests to the workers, including the Mini-Mental Status Examination (which measures different cognitive components), the Wechsler Paired Associates Test of memory, the Benton Visual Retention Test, the Isaacs Set Test (which measures the ability to quickly generate lists of words in different semantic categories), and the Finger Tapping Test (which assesses motor speed).
The effects of instruction in a paired associates strategy on the information mastery performance of students with learning disabilities.
At this stage participants were trained, using a paired associates learning procedure, to associate stimuli with semantically opposite words.
Verbal Paired Associates. This test consists of a list of eight paired words.
All except the free recall and paired associates tests were administered with time limits.